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 +==== **Luo** ==== 
 +**DUL ME ARYO ME TEKWARO PA ACOLI MA TYE I YAMO PA MUNO (INTERNET) **\\  Acoli obedo kaka Luo ma gua ginong-nge tung kunyango me Sudan ma kupiny i Magwi kaunti ki bene gitye i kumalo me lobo Uganda. Ki i Uganda gin tye i distrik magi: Agago Amuru Guilu, Kitgum, Nwoya Pader ki Omoro.\\ \\  Acoli tye ki Ker Kal kwaro 54. Ker kwaro acel acel tye ki kak mapol i iye. I dul wa me aryo me coc wabicwalo lok me tekwaro i kum dogola acel acel kun nongo walube kaka ki ker kal kwaro acel acel. Watamo ni man bikonyo wa me niang maber i kum tekwaro wa wa ki kit ma wat otudde kwede i kin wa. Myero bene wa-nge ni i kaka acel tye dogola mapol. Labol-le: i kaka Toro watye ki dogola 9. I coc man dano me dogola acel tekwaro gi bibedo kacel.\\ \\ \\  
 +===== English ===== 
 +**Acholi** (also **Acoli**) is a [[https://​​wiki/​Luo_peoplesPader]] and Omoro //(extract from WIKIPEDIA)//​\\ \\  There are 54 chiefdoms. every chiefdom is made up of several clans. In Acholi Collective Heritage Onlione Phase Two,we are posting family histories per clan within a chiefdom. We hope by doing so will make an orderly pattern of families, clans and their interralationships. It should also be noted that a clan is made up of lineages. For example in Toro clan there are 9 lineages. In this phase, each lineage will have their family histories put together for easier reference.
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