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Mr Onek Santo comes from a clan known as P'cet. The “cet” in Acholi can be dung or feaces. In this case it means feaces.The name of this clan implies that the people belong to or came from “cet”. Ho did this come about? It is said that this wanderers at one time had a very good harvest. There was so much food that children had their stomachs full all the time. They defecated all over their compound. Nearby bushes were littered with feaces too. Ousiders who came to this people were welcome by buzzing flies. It did not take long for their neighbours to nickname them Pucet just because there was cet everywhere in their compound.

Pnek says his ancestors came from South Sudan. They first settled at Lokung in Kitgum district. After some time a section of the group broke away and moved westwards under the leadership of Amaga. Amaga led this people to Lakang near the Nile. It is from here that this people interacted with Pagak clan and became part of Pagak chiefdom. Marriages beteen the two clan was not abolished. When the British came to relocate them to Keyo, Duku was their leader.

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