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The Ministry of Education and Sports of Uganda anually organises Music Dance and Drama Festivals in the mont of July and August. The festivals are organised on set themes. Music teachers are first trained on the festivals theme(s) in a workshop for three days. This year's themes were: 1- Go to school, Back to school and Stay in school. Go to school appeals to children who have not gone to school for whatever reason to go. Back to school urges those who for one reason or the other left school to return to school; while Stay in school encourages those in school to stay till they complete their studies. 2- The other theme was Good Sanitation Better Living. The Ministry appeals to the public though the children's festival activities to improve their living standards through better sanitation.

Each school had to prepare 10 items for competition. Four of the ten items were not to reflect the themes. viz: Traditional Folk song,Traditional folk dance, Instrumental composition and Sight Singing. The festival is a real time of festivity. It is also a time for learning for the students at school, teachers and the community.

Competitions are organised at 4 levels. There are the the zonal festivals, district sub-regional and national festivals.

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