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 +{{::​omona_marcelino.jpg?​nolink&​800}}\\ \\  GENEALOGY IN EXCEL BELOW\\ {{ :​omona_marcilino.xlsx|{{http://​​i/​mime/​32/​application/​vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet.png?​32x32OMONA MARCILINO.xlsx}}\\ ​
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 +\\ \\ \\ **CLAN; PATIKO PUGWENYI**\\ \\  **HISTORY Narrator is 53 years**\\ This is a part of group of Luo who migrated from Bar-el-gazel in southern Sudan at around 1500AD. Their first settlement was at Pubungu presently known as Pakwach. Labong and his group who supported him crossed the River Nile after misunderstanding between him and is brother Gipir which lead to lose of live. They entered Acholi land and they settle at Obolokume under one leader. \\ History says that from Obolokume a mysterious man appeared, he was believed to have fallen from the sky; he had a tail like that of the lion. He stayed among patiko people and his tail was cut off. He became a great leader, but misunderstanding arose in his leadership which led to division of Patiko in to five different groups and each of the group formed a sub-clan of Patiko.\\ Patiko pugwenyi was the largest group among the split groups, they moved and settled around Kulu keno stream others moved to the Eastern Acholi land and entered Pader district.\\ **MWOC**; 1. Kweya yee ibino magee akweyi woko.\\ ​ 2. Otigo manok tyeko kwon.
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