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 +{{::​odoch_peter.jpg?​nolink&​640}}\\ \\  ANCESTRY IN EXCEL BELOW\\ \\ {{ :​odochpeter.xlsx|{{http://​​i/​mime/​32/​application/​vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet.png?​32x32ODOCHPETER.xlsx}}\\ ​
 +  ​
 +  ​
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 +\\ \\ **NAME: ****ODOCH PETER**\\ AGE: 59yrs BORN ON THE 24th/ April/​1958\\ **CLAN****; PATIKO PAGAYA P’TEMTO**\\ \\ **HISTORY**\\ \\ **This clan migrated from BAR-EL- GAZEL in Sudan at around 1500AD. Their first settlement was at PUBUNGU with other Lou under the leadership of OLUM. After the death of Olum there was a dispute between his two sons LABONGO and GIPIR over SPEAR and BEAD that led to their separation. They followed Labongo; they crossed the Nile under the leadership of KING (RWOT) EJIRA and entered the present ACHOLI land and settled at a place they called OBOLOKUME meaning it was never ours but we just found it and named their clan PATIKO meaning for the bead. After the death of king Ejira there was a separation at Obolokume. Gaya one of the Elders separated from his brothers, he moved with his followers and settled at a place they called Pagaya after him forming PATIKO PAGAYA clan and they stayed there up to date. From Pagaya, Gaya give birth to four sons, one of his sons Temto separated from him and formed PATIKO PAGAYA P’TEMTO clan. This clan were mainly peasant farmers, hunters and sometimes do go fishing at the bank of River Nile. **\\ \\ **MWOC****: Patiko yee averu yee ogee yee**
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