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 + Most people in northern Uganda live in grassed thatched huts and I am no exception. The type of huts and the expertize in building each hut make the differences. The thatch shown below is the most difficult to make. If not disturbed by termites the roof can last from 15 to 20 years\\ \\ {{::​my_hut.jpg?​nolink&​576}}\\ ​ This is my hut. Attatched to it to the right is the dog-house. As you can see, the hut is surrounded with sorghum plants. Sorghum has become one of the most important food crops now because it survives in even little rainfall.\\ \\  The wall is made of sun-dried mud bricks while the floor is first of all dug up, soaked with water and then beaten hard. I t is later smeared with black soil. The floor can aklso be cemented; like mine.\\ \\  A nother type of hut is shown below is easier to make. The roof doesn'​t last very long and has to be replaced every 3 to 4 years.\\ \\ \\ 
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