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 +Hello, my name is Ochiti Dickson Olweny. I am 20 years old and I am a student of Gulu School of Clinical Medicine and Community Health. The school is located at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital on the Western side of the Hospital. My home town is Gulu district and I really love being in Gulu here because of the normal freedom from civil commotion and violence of a community, public order and security that is returning to the land today. I always dreamed that someday I would be helping sick people and that dream has partially revealed itself to me. I feel very good about it now that at least I can see myself giving hands to the sick children at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital! Some things I like to do in my daily life include; Visiting children at the hospital which I believe lessen their time to think about illness, making friends with people who are interested in provision of voluntary medical services as I am one of the member of Acholi Clinical Officers Students Association **(ACOSA)** and befriending children with disability to give them more time to feel they are included in our complicated society, helping sick people around to see they are happy and in good health again, offering free health education to school going children at their free time. Health care is not only everyone’s right but also everyone’s responsibility. There are many things I am good at and one of them is voluntary work. My family consist of 3 (three people), one sister and one brother. In this world if I could change one thing about myself it would be concentrating in my studies and graduating as a medical doctor so that I’ll have a wider scope of improving the lives of children and young adolescents in adverse circumstances through health and education services locally and internationally. Still, I am glad to be who I am right now because I have an important part to play as a medical student and computer literate though I am not very perfect in other applications and have some knowledge of the factors in the environment which give rise to ill health since I may be called anytime to advice the patients, their relatives or my whole community on how to care for themselves and their families in a way which will promote a state of physical and mental well-being. I believe informed self-care should be the main goal of any health programme or activity. Even ordinary people provided with clear and simple information can prevent and treat most common health problems in their own homes-earlier,​ cheaper, and often better than can doctors. Medical knowledge should not be the guarded secret of a select few, but should be shared by everyone. People with little formal education can be trusted as much as those with a lot. And they are just as smart. The one thing I want to be remembered for is my commitment to human health and dedication to my service to the needy in the community. I hope that through a more generous sharing of knowledge, and through learning to use what is best in both traditional and modern ways of healing, people everywhere will develop a kinder, more sensible approach to caring for their own health and for each other. To contact me please visit my Health blog on blogspot [[http://​​more journals by Dickson.......]]
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