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 +[[/​Philip%20JournalKampala.\\ ​ In a letter dated 24th September, 2010 by the Ministry of Education and Sports, Kampala, signed by Mr. Apangu George William, Chairman NTC's Sports Association,​ this year's 4th Nationla Teachers'​ Colleges National Games 2010 has been scheduled to take place between 28th November - 3rd December 2010 at National Teachers College Muni, Arua. \\ \\  Total of 4 Sports/​Games will be competed in, these include:​\\ ​
 +  - Athletics tract and field events(male and female).
 +  - Soccer (male)
 +  - Netball (female)
 +  - Volleyball (Male)
 +The Competition is scheduled to take 6 days, whereby the competition will take 4 days, arrival 1 day and departure will take 1 day.\\ \\  National Teachers'​College Unyama is going to be represented by 60 students who will participate in the competition. They will be competing in all the 4 Sports. Preparation is in full gear at the College.\\ \\  While some other students have gone back home, the determined competitiors are busy tying the loose ends to ensure that they bring this years National Championships trophy home to Gulu. We hope to bring all the 3 trophies plus the one another college is currently holding back home.\\ ​ The Sports Tutor, Mr. Abong Silver, states that his team is at its best for the competition. Oyoo Richard and Ojangole Moses will run 100 metres 200 metres and 400 metres dash. 10, 000 metres will be done by Okema Patrick, Kemoi Rashid, Okot Tonny and Kalema Richard. 1500 metres will be by Cheslol Tom and Kiplangat Eluid. These two are to be watched as they might take the day and set ne'w National record time.\\ \\  The ladies 100 metre runners will be Adong Jane and Akech Jennifer. These two are commonly known as supper eagles because of their speed and stamina. Lanyero Gloria will be involved in a number of events which include 400 metres, 800 metres,1500 metres.\\ \\  Soccer will be captained by Odong Denis and the team is in wonderful form. Atono Anthony, the College Guild President will take part in soccer. This is leadership by participation,​ we do encaurage them.\\ \\  Games and sports have obvous benefits to the indivdual, the community and to the institution. It it the most democartic aspect of life and the most transparent. They will instill in the students discipline, physical fitness, teamwork and generally respect for one another. \\  We are therefore, very thankful to the Ministry of Education and Sports in facilitating this years Championship. The previous meets were, however, not possible due to financial constraints. The last time the meet was nationally orgnised was some five years ago.\\ \\  I personally take this opportunity to pray for our team and the whole championship a success. May the Almighty God see your going and coming back safely. Thank you for reading this article and making some comments. \\  If you wish to make any special contribution to the College for this meet please you are welcome.[[/​SportsPhilip Journal]]
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