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 +{{::​dscn06981.jpg?​nolink&​640}}\\ ​ The proprietor of Acuma Groceries is Mr. Okello Maurice who is a teacher at Scared Heart Secondary School in Gulu. He is 52 years and a graduate in Education.\\ ​ H ederived the name of his business from his late grand father who was called Acuma. He is a sole retail trader selling groceries and also maintains a mini pub. In the groceries he sells food items like sugar, tea leaves, coffee, bread etc He also ha salt, butter and others. IN his bar he sells beers and some spirits.\\ \\  The business is located on the northern side of Lacor Bardege market in Gulu Municipality. Mr.Okello is not comfortable with this site claiming that the area is isolated, where most customers do not crowd at. He said the location was not his choice. He was just located there by by the municipal authorities when he had applied for a plot in the market. He says he would gladly shift his business elsewhere if it were possible.\\ \\  He joined business three years ago when he got trained in entrepreneurship at one time by Uganda Entrepreneurs. His reasons for being in business are:​-\\ ​ to put into practice what he had learnt from the training\\ ​ to have some other source of income other than his salary alone\\ ​ his liking for trade which he claims had been lurking in him from childhood\\ \\  With this in mind he says he saved enough money to construct a building that houses his business now and also bought some stock to make him take off. He says the social environment has some impact in his trade. His work mate form the bulk of his customers. The market too calls customers. On days of celebrations/​ functions he gets a lot of customers. The presence of the hospital is a fortune for him because patient attendants get supplies from him.\\ \\  Economically he is sad about his limited capital to invest into the business. Government taxation also helps to keep him down the gradient. Maurice has no electricity in his facility even though many of his colleagues have it. He uses his phone to communicate with his customers and suppliers.\\ \\  He has very many competitors who are more experienced in business, have larger capital and thus stock, open their shops for more hours than who opens after school. At the moment Maurice says he can not offer and strong competition against these rivals.\\ \\  He tries to make his business known. He has a sign post. He make outside displays in the evening and also by word of mouth. He gets advice for his business mainly from his suppliers and other more experienced traders.\\ \\  Maurice has a well designed business plan which he hope to begin implementing once he acquires a loan from his bankers. The draft has a very well laid mission and objectives for the businness. If this plan succeeds, Mr. sees his business as a successful one ithe next five years where he visions his business as having expanded. IN five years he thinks his children will be out school so he would have more money to invest in the business. With spare more and also loan, he would want to turn from retail to wholesale where his premises would be a depot for beers and sodas. He would see the place electrified. He plans to go for produce buying and selling too.\\ \\  Having undergone a traing gave him the capability of managing he record keeping very well. He uses the double entry method. He works alone-- without even an employee. When he is not available, the business is stuck He however plans to have an employee soon when he open a pork joint adjacent to the pub.\\ \\  His customers – especially those of the pub are not very many but are constant. Those who come, come almost everyday. They he says are disgruntled by his late openning of the pub. They want his 100% presence in the pub. They want him to install a good video system in the pub and or have a good music system for their entertainment. Their demand for cold sodas and beers are not unlimited btu the problem is lack of power an d absence of a refrigerator.\\ \\  Maurice uses some his profit to pay fees for his children. He ploughs some back int the business while part of it he uses for other domestic needs.\\ \\  He is worried about his business in case anything should happen to him. He has not regitered his business, is sole in the most literal sense and hasn:t yet groomed a heir. For this he plans to register the business in the nearest future. Plant also to expand his advice base source.\\ \\ \\ \\
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