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 +{{::​dscn08961.jpg?​nolink&​628}}\\ ​ This shop is at the one of the entrances of Gulu Main market. It is owned by Laker Karla a widowed woman formerly wife to Mr. Ogik Bartolomeo. She began her trade as a seller of used shoes. This she did to supplement her husband'​s pa. The man had been an officer in the Ministry of Information up to the late 1980s. Having given birth to 10 children, her husband'​s salary being unable to match with life in Kampala city forced her to begin this trade. She got her initial capital from her husband who at the time was preparing for retirement.\\ \\  When Mr. Ogik retired, he had a good package which he injected into his wife's business. This time Karla sells bags and suitcases. She is a sole trader but is frequently assisted by her children. She enjoys being alone in the business on claims that she does not like quarrels and heated discussions if she should partner with someone. Being an ex-nun she is a strict disciplinarian. She learnt some business skills in her convent life.\\ \\  The social setting of her business location is good. Mainly because of its being at the open end of the market. Two because it does not cost anything to advertise her merchandise. Even so she has numerous competitors. Many of whom are better off financially. The have a lot more stock, This does not however impede her from keeping on with the race. Her location fights for her while her calm and cool friendly manner completes the battle. She knows how to win her customers'​ favour. Her charm is like a snare.\\ \\  She thinks that in five years her business will be run by one of her sons on the account of her ailing health. She is optimistic that the business will expand especially when recalls her humble beginning. That was when she sold used shoes and used handbags. She places her success on her up-to-date record keeping ability and good saving culture. She does not however boast of competing in the global market but is sure of a good boast in the local market.\\ \\  She is not computer literate but her son, the one to inherit the business, is a computer wizard. It is her hope that by the time the boy completes his ICT course at the university she will have purchased a computer for use in the shop.Karla uses her cell phone for private and business matters. She has a bank account which helps her in some of her transactions especially with her suppliers in Kampala.\\ \\  She does not seek business advice from professionals but rather from her business mates. As said before, Karla saves most of her profits. A portion of it is saved for the son's university tuition. She spends money mainly on renting the shop, paying taxes and buying food for herself. She does not have a business plan as yet but her children are drafting a comprehensive plan for her. She hopes that the plan will be ready at the end of this year.\\ \\  Karla has many customers. But this customers are not permanent. They come and go. This makes her sell almost without giving out credits. When she gives out credits, it is either to her fellow traders or neighbours at home.\\ \\  Karla does not have employees at the shop. She has them at home. She does not use radio or T.V or even newspapers to market her business. She has no sign post or flyers to advertise her business. Open display as the photo reveals is her main form of advert.\\ \\  Karla has challenges to deal with in her business.\\ ​
 +  * her poor health makes her miss coming for work when she is down.
 +  * competitors are so many.
 +  * price fluctuations (the beginning of the year is good -- new students going to school need suitcases and bags-- prices are good. Afterwards prices go down )
 +  * high rental fee
 +She plans to overcome the first issue by getting an employee. As for competition,​ she plans to keep on with her good manners. She also plans to make stronger links with her suppliers in Kampala so that she has access to batter discount from them. This she thinks will make for the time prices go down.
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