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 +{{::​dscn0905.jpg?​nolink&​560}}Adong Kic Carpentry Workshop is owned by Olanya Walter, He is a 40 year-old man residing at Lacor Centre in Gulu Municipality. He is married with six children. He started this business in 2005 and is now 11 years in it.After senior four education, Walter decided to join a technical where he specialised in the trade of carpentry. He gained business experience when he worked for another person after his course. He saved most of his earnings in order to allow him begin his own. His trade at this time is purely on making furniture in addition to training apprentices whom he has all the time.\\ \\  He is a sole proprietor. He is comfortable in being his own master, He says being sole makes him implement whatever he has decided to do. He says he does not need to share his dividends with anyone, His business secrets are most of the time secrets. He is not held back by consultations. As mentioned already, his start-up capital ws his own. He told me that he has not gone for any loan and does not intend to go for one. He laments the disgusting way loan defaulters are treated.\\ \\  Walter does not use radio or T.V or the internet to boost his business. The only modern gadget he uses is the phone. He connect with his customers and[[/#​35390340{{http://​​items/​it/​img/​arrow-10x10.png|external image arrow-10x10.png}}]]. He is comfortable with his location because it is near his home, close to the road and surrounded by mainly his acquaintances The area does not have many serious cases of high crime like robbery, murder e.t.c simply because it ear a police post\\ \\  Walter has an organised way of keeping records. He uses the double entry method. It is easy for him to detect any profit made or loss incurred. Walter'​s greatest worries are his competitors. The nearest one has machines for planing, moticing e,t,c. A good many of the competitors have larger capitals. His only tool for competition is quality work. He claims that he makes sure his employees beat the time for any contract made with customers. He encourages his employees not only to be timely but also to produce work worth their customer'​s money. It is only on these two areas that he has been able to survive.\\ \\  Mention has been made of his employees. He has four. These were his one-time apprentices. They work for wages calculated per day but paid monthly. They are paid from the profit made. Walter invests some of his profits in agriculture. He prefers not to buy food but grow them. Another portion goes to payment of fees while the remainder is ploughed back into the business.\\ \\  This business, according to Walter is not easy these days. One reason being the restriction being put by NEMA (National Environment Management Authority ) on tree cutting. Licences for production of timber has gone up so has the price of timber. Many sneakers ho saw timber illegally also charge high pries for their product. Another challenge is transport. Transporting timber using the feeder roads is not easy. These roads are in terrible state so not many vehicle dare them. Walter wishes he had the money to buy motorized machines. He deplores his inability to raise enough money for the machines at the expense of paying fees at schools.\\ \\  He is comfortable however because of his nephew who is graduating from one of the technical colleges. He will come to help him in the workshop. He also believes his nephew will help him draft the business plan he has so much longed for.
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