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 +**STATEMENT FOR AFRICAN CHILD DAY 2014.**\\ Dear partners, Local leaders, Religious leader’s political leaders in Pabo, Amuru district and Uganda at Large.\\ Today 16 June 2014 marked a commemoration of African Child day.\\ \\ The number of children neglected by their parents is on the rise in Uganda as a whole, and police statistics show that the highest offending rates are being recorded daily and the northern region, prompting warnings that district officials, police and community leaders are failing to cope with the challenge.\\ \\ The problems facing children in northern Uganda are magnified by the legacy of over 20-year insurgency which saw thousands of parents killed during the war, leaving children behind as orphans. The war between Lord’s Resistance Army and government is responsible for the deaths of approximately 10,000 people and for abducting around 60,000 children in the region. More than 1.8 million people in northern Uganda were uprooted from their homes and forced into temporary camps, from which most only recently returned.\\ \\ Beside the war the distasted northern Uganda the recovery program remained the lop hole for continue suffering of the children in Pabo, Amuru and Northern Uganda.Many of the former captives who returned with babies have since got married. But the stepfather often refuses to accept children born in LRA captivity, and these often end up on the streets.\\ \\ Under the Children’s Act in Uganda, parents have a duty to provide for their children, and to ensure they have adequate access to food, clothing, education and health care. Neglecting these responsibilities can result in criminal proceedings against parents. These parents do failed to make it due to poor recovery programs in place, such as NAADS, PRDP to mentioned but a few. Many of you do acknowledged that impact of NAADS programs cannot be seen that made the president of Uganda to call off the NAADS programs. A lot of money have been injected but the population still remained poor.\\ \\ LAW NO DETERRENT\\ The Children’s Act, which came into force in 1996, enables police, community leaders, and local officials to handle infringements of children’s rights. But the law is not an adequate deterrent in cases where parents do not provide for their children, or actively reject them.\\ \\ The strain on family life in northern Uganda, which partly stems from the years of conflict and displacement,​ is compounded by the poor state of public services in the region, which have lagged far behind the national standard in the aftermath of the war.\\ \\ Schools in some rural areas are not yet up to strength, so many children have to go to urban centres to get better education, while their parents are settling back in their village. That can divide families and leave children nourishing for themselves in the towns.\\ \\ AUTHORITIES LACK PERSONNEL\\ The police are supposed to play a role in informing parents about their responsibilities towards their children, and helping communities improve levels of child welfare. But sheer lack of resources is inhibiting their ability to do so.\\ The CBO that exist in community lack capacity to sensitise the communities hence leaving gaps to address the child abuse and human right violation in the community. In some areas, not enough personnel have been assigned to the sub county or district offices.\\ \\ Facilitation:​\\ The various police post existing in sub county do not received funding to facilitate their administration this left them probably to tell the complaints of child abuse to look where to photo copy PF3 which at time find the family without money leaving the suspect that is to be apprehended to be set free by police as complaints lost interest in the case thus leaving persistent child abuses.\\ \\ RECOMMENDATIONS:​\\ Today as many of you put the children suffering from abuses in various form into your heart I would like to recommend the following:​\\ \\ 1. The local CBO capacity on children right be supported and build by government as CSO.\\ \\ 2. The government should release fund to facilitate police at the post as UPE fund is given to all primary schools in the country.\\ \\ 3. It’s truly there is effort of recovery the government should renew PRDP III that will specifically focus on household income enhancement in northern Uganda.\\ \\ 4. Education: The primary school staffing level be improve to ensure the children continue to get better education Expansion of access to primary education in general, and specifically to : Children with disabilities,​ Gifted children, Children living in extreme poverty, Orphaned children, Children living in rural areas , Children affected by conflict and emergencies,​ and Children deprived of liberty or imprisoned with their mothers\\ \\ 5. The existing health facilities should be supply with drugs and equipment to response to children health needs\\ \\ 6. Basic social infrastructural development and social services should be enhance.\\ \\ 7. Basic counselling course for the community service provider be enhance to help the children rehabilitation.\\ \\ 8. Police form 3 should be given freely to cases that involves children in all police post\\ \\ CONCLUSION\\ Our dear leaders, CSO and parents, today as you join the rest of nation to commemorate the day of African Child i would like you all to take this into your account, Whether the Government has conducted a review of the national legislation and policy framework to align it with the normative human rights framework at regional and international level and the commitments undertaken you must open your hears and doors to continue advocating for fair treatment of children in Uganda and Africa as a whole. On behalf of the management of PASTORA, I thank those you who have jointly organised the day where children came together, to some of you and us who have not been able to organize the day that should bring the children together, I appeal that you should open up your mouth to speak for the children and more advocate for justice for children in Uganda and Africa at large.\\ \\ FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY\\ \\ John Bosco Omony\\ Coordiantor -PASTORA
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