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 +\\  Life at NTC Unyama has not been all that easy for the beginning of the year 2010. All this came about due to the unexpected great loss of\\  the Collee computers which we had expected to change the life of the Lecturers, students and the entire community of Unyama, in as far as\\  ICT is concerned. The coming messages that some few of the stolen computers have so far been recovered is being received with some\\ ​ hope.\\ ​ We pray the culprits are apprehended,​ brought to books and the Computers recovered to rejuvinate the excitement that the arrival of the\\  computers had brought to the entire community.\\ ​ Am particularly more agrived since this development came during my tenure in office controlling the Computer Lab.\\ ​ Please, join me in prayer, keep eyes on all suspected unscrupulus persons\\ \\  Layo john Calvin Akita\\ [[mailto:​|]]
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