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 +{{::​dscn08081.jpg?​nolink&​768}}\\ \\  Akwo Ki Rwot Charles **(O774261706)** owns this shop. He sell spares for motorcycles. He also repairs them. (at the time for this interview, there was no repair work to being carried) Charles who is 46 years completed '​O"​ Level of education before joining a technical school where he trained as a mechanic. He later went for driving and already has a Driving License.After his course, he worked for other people in their garages for five years. He saved his earnings that gave way for him to open his own. He is now five years in this business. This business is located on Juba road on Lacor-Gulu .\\ \\  Charles did not get any formal training in business. He is work experience at other people'​s garages gave him the skills to begin his own and also manage it. It is now five years that he has been in the trade. Apart from selling spares and repair works, Charles always has a team of apprentices. At the time of this interview he had four. These apprentices get skills yet work for him too. Apprenticeship takes one year so Charles has trained 20 people in this trade.\\ \\  Charles doesn'​t advertise his business on radio or T.V. He no sign post, no flyers. His garage is in front of his house. All repair works are done outside. This outside activity invites more people. He claims that his being a devout and faithful member of the Pentecostal church makes people associate him with being honest so those who know him come to him and send those who do not know him to him. It is also his expertise in the job that calls and keeps people for him.\\ \\  Charles has has competitors. He is not in any way threatened by these competitors. One reason being his training being much better than those of the competitors. The other reason being his longer stay and experience at Lacor. Has more permanent customers. His weakness is his smaller capital for investment and lack of employees.\\ \\  Charles like the other business people chose his suppliers as advisors. Charles'​s profits go to paying fees for his children, buying food and part of it is saved or put back into the business. The social setting of the area is good with very low crime rate.\\ \\  As for his customers he says some are permanent other are one-time and others seasonal. His reliability,​ expertise, fair in pricing experience, good work tools and fame put him in the lead among other mechanics.\\ \\  His challenges are:​-\\ ​
 +  * low capital for investment
 +  * high taxation by the local government---there is ground rent, liecense e.t.c
 +  * lack of space for expansion
 +  * having no store
 +Charles has good relationship with his neighbours so in his absence his premise is safe. He hope to expand the trade once he gets out of the school fees burden.
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