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 + In every society people take alcohol. But I have not found a community where alcohol is accepted as a completely good thing. Apart from consumers of this drug, most people regard alcohol as an unwanted substance.\\ \\  In Acholi traditional society, alcohol was used. The manner in which is was consumed, the occasion for it and its preparation differs from what it is now. Acholi people used to prepare their drink from millet flour which they would allow to ferment, roast then mix with water to ferment again for two days. It was then filtered.and served. This is //kwete//. It was a good drink; taken by elderly men in their late 40's and above. Drinks were taken on occasions like after communal work, at funerals,to welcome guests, at marriage ceremonies or at any other important ritual. In most cases alcohol was not consumed for mere passing time. There was a meaning and a reason for it. Youngsters, the youth and women were not usually part of the drinking crew.\\ ​ The manner in which alcohol is used this days is not at all pleasing to sober minds. The kind of drink taken, drives one crazy\\ \\  Today people in this land take both local brew alongside modern ones. Local brew includes cassava gin called //arege//. It is made from cassava flour more or less the way //kwete// is brewed but is distilled after fermentation. Another local brew which has high market in the camps is made from bananas. It is " imported"​ from south-western Uganda. //​Kesese-kasese//​ is its name It is a more potent gin which drives young men crazy. It's their favorite. ​
 +\\ \\  The traumatic time that our young men experienced because of the long war is responsible for their irresponsible drinking habit. School drop-outs see no value in life; so take to drinking. Men whose families have broken also bury their frustration in booze. Jobless youths who have undergone some education do fall prey to the "​culture"​\\ \\  It can not go without say that the women-folk do not drink. A good many of them too make up the crew. Some young women whose families have broken, or are frustrated in life make friends with the glass.\\ \\  I have mentioned local brew. Modern drinks also play some role in the drinking arena. The most commonly consumed type of drink in this case are the drinks packed in sackets.There are many of them. This kind of packaging is the most damaging because is easy to carry. Students carry it to class un-noticed. Drivers love it because no one notices they are carrying something. Even some people in offices love it so much.\\ ​ As our people return home, the youth especislly should :\\ 
 +  * be made aware of the dangers of alcohol,
 +  * be engaged in some productive work,
 +  * have some other varried leisure activities.
 +  * be engaged in some skill training programmes and
 +  * for those still able be re-absorbed in formal schools.
 +I would like to conclude that **AN IDLE MIND IS THE DEVIL'​S WORKSHOP** so idleness and redundancy must be eliminated.\\ \\ **-JOKONDINO-**\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\  '
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