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 +\\ \\ \\  This is small bicycle repair shop started and owned by Opiyo Tom. He is a forty-year old man well endowed naturally with many skills. The skill he has preferred to keep himself engaged in is bicycle repairing. As for almost all the business people in the rural north, they begin by going into agriculture and using sales of proceeds to begin their business, Opiyo also started in the same way. H e started this job way back when the population was still living in the internally displaced people'​s camp in 1997. But before that he had worked for his late brother as an apprentice. This period of apprenticeship gave him the chance to learn and acquire all the skills he needed to begin his own business. He could not choose any other trade because this is the only one where he had some skills.\\ \\  Opiyo is sole this business but he has part-timers who come and work with him. These part-timers pay him back on daily basis for the tools and sometimes spares that they use. Opiyo has no records of his transactions. He says he has nothing to write down. He however claims to be making profits.\\ \\  Opiyo'​s choice of location are based on the fact that the place is near his home, in a busy trading center, and that there is only one other bicycle repairer in the center. Thee social setting of the location is advantageous to him in that many people still own bicycles. The social setting is not all good. The centre inhabits petty thieves and robbers who sometimes break into shops at night. Unfortunately there are no guards to watch over the centre at night.\\ ​ Opiyo is not however comfortable to the changes taking place in the transport sector where most people do prefer using motorcycles to using bicycles. Even peasants now aim at buying motorcycles than buying bicycles. The increase in the number of cars and bigger trucks that use this road once dominated by bicycles is threatening Opiyo'​s business.\\ ​ Technology is not all bad for him though. Opiyo'​s customers communicate to him through phones. Some inquire his presence at the shop or the presence of some spare through the use of the phone. He is happy with this advancement intechnology. Hre also hopes to have a computer one day.\\ \\  He uses his profits to buy more spares. He uses part of it to for his family. He says he very carefull with his profits because he has an extended family. He does to have ethicals issues that retard the growth of his business. Opiyo knows his competitor and is rather scared of him. This competitor is more experienced and has more capital. He also has some employees and apprentices who help him quite well.\\ \\  Opiyo does not have a business plan but when he understood it he became excited. He has no employees in the strictest sense although he has some part time workers. He does not have specific advisors but depends mainly on what his customers advice especially on what spares to buy, He occasionally get customers from his suppliers who live in Gulu town.\\ \\  Opiyo'​s customers are mainly locals. He also gets customers from road users whose bicycles break down as they travel along Gulu- Amuru road. Some of his local customers are permanent. They like his good service and his good nature in handling them. He also gives his customers discounts when asked. He says sometimes he allows credits for his service though some default.\\ \\  The biggest issues in running this business are:​\\ ​
 +  * low customer turn up as bicycles do not break down everyday
 +  * competition by his only competitor--- the guy has more capital so has more and varied spares
 +  * great domestic demand for cash... paying fees and medical needs take quite a bit of his profits
 +  * reliance on only one activity to generate money
 +He has of late decided to engage in some cultivation to supplement the family demands. H e has also opened a sank account to check on extravagant expenditure. Opiyo believes that his business will progress as long as his strategy onengaging in agriculture takes good shape.
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