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 +Her name is Amony Jennifer. She's a woman in her mid thirties .She went to school` but stopped at senior three when the war in northern Uganda broke. Her parents had died earlier before she dropped out of school. A good relative sent her to medical school to become a nursing aid. Unfortunately she did not complete that also. She took on to working for other people for survival. Finally she landed on one person who ran a clinic with a drug shop/ pharmacy. Keen to learn Jennifer was able not only to earn a living but also learn skills that would help her for life. Jennifer learnt the skills of salesmanship and simple bookkeeping. Having been to a nursing school before, she did not take long to refine her skills as a medical practitioner.\\ \\ Her final landing was at Pagak. That was in days when the internally displaced people’s camps were at their height. She was hired by a gentleman who had very scanty clinical knowledge. This gave her a great advantage to sharpen her knowledge even more. She now runs her own business—a drug shop with some features of a clinic. She sells drugs besides treating some people with minor illness or injuries. \\ \\ Right now she strategically located at a local market in Lamogi sub-county Amuru disctrict…. Amuru was carved from Gulu distirct in 2006. Many reasons support her location. The place is convenient i.e people are friendly //( her birth place is Pader east of Gulu)// When people left the camp to settle in their home, there wasn’t a drug shop in that place. Government policy towards drug shop ownership supports her because she some basic medical knowledge. She is entitled to a drug shop trading license which she has. It is not easy to find many people of her type in the area. For some time she enjoyed monopoly over this trade in the locality. One could comfortable say that was only this type of business that planted in her the seed of hope and survival after her dropping out of school. Lastly she still enjoys this place because she even found a husband from here.\\ \\ Amony confesses that she is not very smart at record keeping so most of her work is not very rough estimate but also not very fine in figures. She is however comfortable with her account at Centenary Bank branch in Gulu. She has a mobile money account but does not use it in her business.\\ \\ She says she has not thought of employing anyone because of her little income. Her husband is a mason and is rarely at home. Her 6 year old daughter has no hand in the business yet. So poor Jennifer, works alone. Her fatigue is farther compounded by the fact that she is partially lame……having had trouble during childhood immunsation on the right thigh. She is therefore a sole trader in the most literal meaning of the word.\\ \\ She hasn’t made any great forms of advertising her business. Apart form a small sign board in front of her door, there is nothing to indicate that she has a shop. Reasons being adverts are expensive and not necessary for her small business. \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ Working in the rural place like this where people are still used to subsistence living makes it impossible for her to carry out her business without petty credits to her customers. Also driven by her Christian upbringing, Amony finds it hard to give credits to people she is not sure will not pay especially if they are real paupers. A good many of her creditors pay back their bills on reasons that medical issues are not to joke with. They fear that defaulting these debts may be fatal next time when they may have more serious illnesses. So, most pay off their dents.\\ \\ \\ \\ From the year 2014 however things started getting tougher for Jennifer. Another woman almost of her age entered the same business at the same place. She being new and unfamiliar however did not offer serious competition and threat to Jennifer. But by mid last year 2015 a gentleman entered the business. He is a clinical officer working in a government health centre and licensed not only to sell drugs but also to diagnose , prescribe and administer drugs. This man has offered Jennifer a real competition. When this man is out at work in the government facility, he leaves behind a nurse--- his employee. This has prompted Jennifer to readjust prices of drugs and services in order to stay in the trade. She says she has to stay on this business because she has no other alternative.\\ \\ \\ Where Jennifer’s business is located, crimes in the form of robbery, theft burglary at a high degree are not there. What could pause a great threat to her is her grass thatched living house. That one is prone to fire gutting it down, easy break through because of the mud brick wall and loose door. As for the shop, it is fairly well secure. \\ \\ \\ \\ People in Jennifer’s community, especially those in the market do some communal work like cleaning the area around but inside the market, work at the water source point, and solve some petty and simple crimes and issues pertaining to them. They act as watch dogs when there is suspicion of a crime.
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