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 +{{::​face2.jpg?​nolink&​149}}Hi I am Alfred Kilama, the new member of the BOSCO Team here in Gulu working as a technical assistant. I graduated in Information Technology from Kampala International University in 2005. I then joined Caritas Gulu Archdiocese to do database management.\\ ​ During my time with Caritas, I was handling data from Displaced peoples camps as they are the main composition of the beneficiaries of the community service that Caritas work with. This helped me in getting close to the displaced people and even returnees of the LRA insurgencies. Now with BOSCOUganda,​ I think it is also a better way of reached closer to the people with trainings, use of the intranet website and with the internet one is sure to have helped the local person connect his/her life to the rest of the world since northern Uganda has been left behind from any developments for up to 21 years of the LRA insurgency.\\ ​ I did a lot of sports both indoor and outdoor sports like table tennis. Badminton, hockey, lawn tennis, football, rugby, and basketball. Though I liked to try out as many sport as I could, I failed to try boxing because of fear of losing my teeth or breaking my nose by somebody’s’ heavy blow. Basketball is my favorite sport though I am not going to take it for a career like Kevin was suggesting because by the time I may not be working at BOSCOUganda I would not be of the age bracket needed for the drafting.\\ ​ Working with BOSCOUganda is very interesting in a way that you interact a lot with the people who are using the BOSCO infrastructure and also meet new people who are interested in joining the BOSCO family every day. Computers and the Internet where seen by the rural people as something unreachable,​ others even thought computers were like supernatural beings that knew everything on earth. I sometime hear people murmur in the backgrounds during field visits “computer ki internet ne weng enoni?” meaning “is that the whole computer and internet?​”. With this level of illiteracy about computers and the outside world, BOSCOUganda is and will continue to be a fundamental knowledge provider to the people who have been left behind in almost all aspects of life during the insurgency in the region, through the training of trainers for faster and more efficient ICT knowledge dissemination and peace building .\\  Long live BOSCOUganda/​USA.
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