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 +{{::​apor_wegi.jpg?​nolink&​817}}\\ \\  Otim Fred is 26 years Te.0778402073\\ ​ He runs APOR WEGI HARDWARE CENTER\\ ​ He is in business to take advantage of some business opportunity. \\  He chose this business because he saw many structures being erected in Gulu town and he saw the need of supplying the with materials for building. He says the business in very profitable.\\ ​ Fred's level of Education is "​O"​ Level.\\ ​ His work experience in business has made him to know a lot of people.\\ ​ He sells tools and materials used by builders.\\ ​ He has been in this for 5 years now.\\ ​ He is a sole proprietor. The advantage of being sole for him is that there is always freedom and he manages his business more easily.\\ ​ He got started as he took over from his mother.\\ ​ He got the background and skills from his mother.\\ ​ He does not keep written records of transactions in the business.\\ ​ He does some marketing. He makes posters to make customers find hi,​.\\ ​ He chose the location because he wanted to be near his competitors.\\ ​ He seeks business advice from friends and family members.\\ ​ He uses his profits to buy more stock and to pay rent.\\ ​ He does not have a business plan nor does he have a stated mission statement.\\ ​ Fred get his supplies from wholesalers in Kampala.\\ ​ He prefers Kampala wholesalers because they are much cheaper than their Gulu counterparts.\\ ​ He uses public means/ bus to bring back the products from Kampala.\\ ​ He makes this journey once or twice a month depending on demand.\\ ​ He gets information about the best people to buy from from his business friends.\\ ​ He does not get goods on credit from his suppliers.\\ ​ His customers are "​outstanding"​. They are builders or people who have constructions going on in their places.\\ ​ Customers select him over his competitors because he is very social. he knows how to talk to them.\\ ​ He sometimes give credits to his customers. This is just once in a while.\\ ​ Fred's challenges are:​\\ ​
 +  * he does not get enough customers
 +  * too much competition
 +He says he is trying to improve on everything.
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