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 +\\ **__MANDALA GARDEN / DOUBLE DIGGING__**\\ A mandala garden is agarden comprised of circular double dug. When we talk of a double dug here we mean ;digging twice as much up to six feet deep in the soil, with the aim of making something like asponge to anable plants or vegetables with deep roots receive enough nutrients to feed on.\\ With mandala garden here we are making a circular form of a double dug garden of 1metre wide with a central pit of one metre in diametre and 1.5feet in dept.\\ \\ Difference types of vegetables at different section of the mandala garden/beds provide varaity of vegetables to the family ,and also make apartten nice beautiful to look at.\\ The central pit is used for water collection and putting weeds.water soaks into the surrounding bed from the pit and help the plant to grow.\\ A straigth water path way is made between the beds leading to the central pit.\\ Root or ground water runoff as well as water from the leaking taps during traping can be directed in to the pit.\\ Lastly water which may otherwise be lost can be uitilised in the garden\\ \\ 
 +{{::​a_mandala_garden.jpg?​nolink&​236}}\\ {{::​working_on_the_double_dug.jpg?​nolink&​233}}\\ {{::​side_view_of_mandala_garden.jpg?​nolink&​229}}\\ |
 +\\ \\
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