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 +{{::​img_3195.bmp?​nolink&​436}}\\ **Archbishop as preaching.**\\ ​ ARCHBISHOP PASTORAL VISIT TO PABO 2008.\\ \\  The pastoral visit of the Archbishop J.B Odama Of Gulu Archdiocese to Pabo catholic Parish 28/​12/​2008.\\ \\  The day was full of joy, the community of Pabo who are staying in Gulu town all traveled to Pabo to welcome the Archbishop. The chairman organizing committees Mr. Ouma Vincent who is the regional CID police department headed the team of Gulu to Pabo. You may ask yourself why such can happy, but the immediate answer is the feeling of togetherness as one family is persisting in the people of Pabo since.\\ {{::​img_3209.bmp?​nolink&​268}}\\ **The photo showing the team of the First Aid during the celebration staff from Pabo health Center III branch of St Mary,s Hospital Lacor.**\\ ​ there is sign of the relative peace in the region.\\ \\  Archbishop during his preaching to the Christians he called upon them to forgive one another and forget the pass because the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ should make the community to reconcile. After the mass the Archbishop also handed bicycles to the catechists in order to carry out their pastoral work. The bicycle according to the Parish priest Fr Charles Olweny it was the contribution of the Pabo community in London in the church their pray in. The Christian also gave the some gift to the Archbishop, a certificate of appreciation was also awarded to the Archbishop. Fr Charles Olweny was awarded the certificate of appreciation by Pabo Save the Orphans Association in appreciating him for all the support he has been giving to this association and the community of Pabo.\\ {{file:///​C:/​DOCUME%7E1/​Personal/​LOCALS%7E1/​Temp/​moz-screenshot.jpg|external image moz-screenshot.jpg}}{{::​fr_charles_olweny_awarded_certificate_by_pabo_save_the_orphans_association.jpg?​nolink&​150}}\\ ​ Fr. Charles Olweny Holding the certificate awarded to him by Pabo Save the Orphans Association in appreciating him for all the valuable support he gave to the community of Pabo in the year 2008.\\ \\ {{::​archbishop_awraded_certfiticate.jpg?​nolink&​150}}\\ ​ Archbishop JB Odama holding the certificate of appreciation awarded by the community of Pabo in appreciating his pastoral care for the Pabo parish.\\ ​ The day was the wonderful colour day in the parish of Pabo.\\ \\ {{::​img_3305.bmp?​nolink&​313}}\\ **Above photo of Hon Apiyo Catherine Oywar\\ ​ LCV Women councillor.**\\ ​ The area LCV councillor appreciating the good work the catholic church of Gulu archdiocese is under taking for the good of the community.\\ ​ Hon Apiyo catherin Oywar thanked the Archbishop for the loving care he is having for the IDP in northern uganda.\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\  More still coming soon.
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