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 +{{::​grace.jpg?​nolink&​720}}\\ \\  Atim Grace has not given a name to her business. She is 28 years old. She completed senior four before opening this business. Atim had not been in a business of her own before beginning this one. She chose this business because she had had a lot of practice doing it with her mother. In this business she buys fresh fish from suppliers and sells them.\\ \\  Atim Grace is a sole proprietor. She chose to be sole for reasons that decision making does not take long management is easier and profits are not shared. Grace says she started this business out of her own savings. As for the background, Grace did not have a formal business training before starting this business. She learnt the skills of trading from her mother\\ \\  Fresh fish is an item which is so much liked in Gulu. There are no taboos or or prohibitions on fresh fish. All the different ethnical groupings in Gulu are lovers of fresh fish. The economic environment is also favorable . The demand for fresh fish is never ending. The market size of this business is wide. Supply is is not steady. Supply depends on what the fish hunters from the nearby lake get from the water bodies.There are many competitors in this business. Unfortunately for Grace most of them have been long in business so have more customers, larger capital for investment, and a wide range of experience. These do not deter Grace from competing. She wants to see this business expand such that she herself becomes a supplier.\\ \\  Technology has not impacted on Grace'​s business. She neither uses the computer nor the internet in her business. She uses her phone to aid her in her communication with suppliers and customers.She likes her location in the market. It was not her choice but the place is strategic enough to make her get customers. Being in the basement area and also being near the main entrance makes her place pleasant for her business. Grace has friends from whom she seeks advice on business when the need. Lately she has switched to\\  mentors from BOSCO Uganda for advice.\\ \\  Grace keeps all records of her transactions written down. She calculates her profits or losses from her records. She uses her profits to pay rent, taxes and school fees. Whenever there is any balance, she saves some while she puts the remainder back into the business. She has a Business Plan to operate the business.She also has a Mission Statement for her business. At the moment she does not have any employees. She does not plan to have any as yet. Grace'​s customers come from among the vendors, owners of restaurants,​ civil servants and also people from the village. Grace is happy because there are customers who select over her competitors. This is because she says she selects good quality fish, she makes sure all size and types are present in one purchase. She says she is a good bargainer - - for this reason she makes sure she ahs good bargain with her customers. Being alone she does not have ethicl concerns to deal with in this business.\\ ​ Grace experiences the following challenges in her business:​\\ ​
 +  * the absence of a cold room in the market. The market does not have a cold room to keep fish fresh in case they to be kept for the following day. As there is no cold room there should be containers but;
 +  * lack of a container to keep fish that go over night is another challenge. A container with blocks of ice would do for a refrigerator.
 +  * frequent power cuts
 +  * fish ordered for getting spoit on the way due to delay in transportation
 +  * fluctuation in prices
 +Grace has tried to put some interventions for chalenges o
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