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 +{{::​beatrice.jpg?​nolink&​858}}\\ ​ Beatrice Otto is 30 years old (Tel. 0718243248)\\ \\  She is in business because she has no other employment from which to earn a living\\ \\  She says she is in this type of business because she loves it and had previous experience in it. She has gained so experience and does not want to change to another business.\\ \\  In this business she sells shoes. She has been in it for five years.\\ \\  Beatrice is a sole proprietor. She says she loves managing her things alone.\\ \\  She got a donation from a close relative to begin the business.\\ \\  She learned the background and skills necessary to run this business from herfamily.\\ \\  Beatrice keeps records of all transactions in the business.\\ \\  She is aware of her competitors;​ their strength and weaknesses.\\ \\  She says she uses her phone to market her business.\\ \\  She chose this location because it is where most people pass. The place ir rather insecure.\\ \\  She does not consult anyone for advice.\\ \\  Beatrice save some her profits,​uses it to buy more stock and uses the remainder for domestic needs.\\ \\  Beatrice does not have employees.\\ \\  She gets her supplies from wholsalers in Kampala. It is not easy to get the same products form Gulu.\\ \\  She travels for the supplies two times a month on average.\\ \\  Beatrice makes these journey by public means (bus)\\ \\  She has a permanent supplier who tells her when there is enough stock.\\ \\  Her customers consistof people in and aound Gulu town.\\ \\  She says her customers sometimes select her over her competitors because of her good customer care.\\ \\  She gives crdit to some selected customers whom she is sure won't default.\\ \\  Beatrice'​s challenges are:\\ \\  insecurity\\ \\  too much competition\\ \\  She plans to buy a burglar proof padlock.\\ \\  She also wants to intensify her marketing service.
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