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 + ​TITLE:​__**WHY THERE IS A RAMPANT DROPOUT IN SCHOOLS**__.\\ \\  There is a rampant dropout of pupils in schools these days due to many reasons .Some of the problems are;​\\ ​ 1**.Early marriages**:​Some parents force their children into early marriage due to lust of money.The child will be force to leave school and get married or else will not be paid fees and sometimes Hurst punishment given to him or her .\\  2**.Negative attitudes toward education**:​Most parents in our area have not seen the value of education.They have the feeling that going to school is a waste of time.They prefer farming to education.Therefore childen will force to go the farm .\\  3.**Poverty**:​This is one of the cause of school dropouts because most parents are so poor in our region.This is so due to war in the region making parents not able to pay their children to school when they want to go abit higher in their educatio\\ ​ 4.**Early pregnancy**:​This is so with girls. When they get pregnant, they will not be able to go to school and the boy in question will either be arrested for defilement or he will run away leaving school.\\ \\  for more details check the link below\\ http://​​D/​9/​35/​716902\\ \\ {{http://​​NP/​1271748215Untitled-1.jpg|external image 1271748215Untitled-1.jpg}}{{::​001.jpg?​nolink&​640}}{{::​00001.jpg?​nolink&​704}}
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