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 +{{::​photo3316.jpg?​nolink&​800}}\\ ​ Acan Proscovia, 31 has a business in Gulu town just opposite TASO. In this business she offers photocopying,​ typing and printing services. S he also does binding and laminating. She is now 5 years in this business. She is a sole trader. She says she wants to avoid trouble that arises from partnership. She said she loves people but would not love to share a business with anyone. Proscovia is a did secretarial studies and has a diploma in it. She is in this business owing to her profession and qualification.\\ ​ She got started through her own savings. As already stated, she acquired the background and skills to run this business from school.\\ \\  She does a lot of record keeping since that is part of what she learnt while at school. When making a budget Proscovia says she refers to her records and also make sure everything she does has a written record. She knows her competitors.She is aware of those who are far more advanced that her. She has knowledge of those with high capital and more sophisticated equipment. She says her business is located here because of being near government offices and the regional referral hospital. She believes that being closer to these facilities make her have a higher opportunity of getting customers. " Offices usually tell people to get photocopies of documents, they tell people to bind and/ or laminate documents, so I thought of bringing these services nearer to the people.\\ \\  Proscoviasaid she has not sought business advice from anyone. But if the need arises she will go to some of her competitors and customers. She said she uses her profits to pay rtent and taxes. She spends some of it to pay her employee and cater for domestic needs. She saves any remainder. She has a written Business Plan and Mission Statement. Proscovia has an employee. She picked one of her sister'​s daughters and employed her. She buys stationery and other materials fro dealers in Gulu. She says this saves her a lot of time and money going to get them from elsewhere. She also says some of her suppliers guve her goods on credit. She likewise gives credits to her esteemed customers. Her customers consists of individuals,​ students, employees of the district, and institutions in and around Gulu town.\\ ​ Proscovia'​s challenges are:​\\ ​
 +  * not having enough capital
 +  * too many competitors
 +  * location not very good. Not many people know of her business.
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