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 + When creating the Bosco-uganda wikispaces page Thomas Loughran of the Notre Dame University in Indiana, USA tells us. \\  "We would like this site to contain pages dedicated to establishing contact with the Internally Displace Persons camps in Northern Uganda as they come online: providing images, communication links, project ideas, etc. We want to provide a community, not just a technology; partners, not just computers, to our brothers and sisters of Northern Uganda"​ This was in June 2009. We are just a year away. Do not mind the Internally Displaced Persons camps have gone. But what has not gone away is Pabo, Pagak, Coope, Unyama, Lacor villages have become one by talking to each other on wikispaces. These villages are even threatening to bring more villages soon on board. Coming up are Ocer Campion village in Pageya, Koch Ongako village and Opit village in Lakwana. Professor Thomas'​ is correct. There is now contact with the many villages mentioned above. \\  Let me take out something I liked in Professor Thomas'​ quote above: "We want to provide a community not just technology, partners, not just computers, to our brothers and sisters in northern Uganda"​. This is why BOSCO-Uganda is not an NGO in a sense. Bosco-uganda is, in the correct words of Notre Dame University Professor Tom, a community. \\  As community, we talk, see pictures (photos) of each other and enjoy them. \\  We talk to, provide images of and enjoy with all persons in realization of the same community. \\ \\ **UNICEF is with us in this**\\ ​ The United Nations Children'​s Fund (UNICEF) came to know about us and liked the idea of talking particularly to and with children. Children are a future. But how can you imagine children without the parents? So parents are a valuable past. But again what sense is our past without the present where you and I are? So you and I are the present. I like this children-parents-you and I relationship in a community. The coming of UNICEF with us is important. Together we are now having class-room to class-room collaboration via internet and intranet. This means we are now going to learn what is going on in a class in England. Children of the St. Pius X primary school in Chelmsford, Essex (U.K) are coming online with those of us in Pagak, Pabo, Koc-Ongako, Coope, Lacor etc. You will also join the class-room to class-room collaboration. \\ \\ **BOSCO-Uganda wishes**\\ ​ we.want to up grade the children and look at the children closer by knowing how many children are where? We want children who can access Bosco-uganda intranet to tell us. What do these children everyday? What do the children want? What makes the children happy or unhappy where they are? What are children doing to live well together with adults whenever they meet. What are the acholi names of children and what do they mean? Why were those names given to the children? \\  All these are part of the community and partnership we want to build together.With the community and partnership building we also build peace. In our media context peace is actually talking to each other. When you talk to one another you enter into one another. And this is communion or community if you like. \\ \\ **Community and partnership communicate peace**\\ ​ When our Archbishop John Baptist Odama met some rebel leaders of the Lord's Resistance Army LRA for the first time in the bush he asked them to talk peace with the government of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. A rebel leader is reported to have asked the Archbishop:"​Do you trust Museveni will talk to us?". The Archbishop answered: "I just want you to communicate,​ look each other in the face and you will live in peace."​ When the Archbishop came back home he asked the same to the government of Uganda who answered it had the military capacity to just destroy the rebels. And Archbishop John Baptist Odama said "but first meet to look each other in the face and then greet one another"​.\\ ​ Today we have peace even without concluding any deal in the Juba peace negotiations. This is the power of communication. We need to communicate in resolving land conflict, domestic quarels, political differences etc. Bosco-Uganda is fastest digital and less costly platform we sought for so long to do it. Bosco-uagnda will work in partnerships with educational institutions,​ Human Rights groups, Civil Society Organisations to build peace faster through intra- and internet. This is our journey beryond the camps.\\ \\ **Conclusion**\\ ​ "We want to provide a community, not just a technology; partners, not just computers, to our brothers and sisters of Northern Uganda"​ Tom Loughran.
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