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 +{{::​arach_lucy.jpg?​nolink&​792}}\\ \\  Arach Lucy is 49 years. She came into business because she could not get employment anywhere because of her low education. She is a senior three leaver. She opted to this kind of business because she says does not need a large capital to start. In this business she sells,​tomatoes,​ onions, green paper, irish potatoes and ginger. She says she has been in business for 14 years. She is a sole proprietor. She says she wants to be free and enjoy her profits alone. She hates wrangles and would not want confusion from a partner.\\ \\  She started her business from her own savings. She says she did not have any training before starting business. The multicultural setting of Gulu town makes the social environment of this woman'​s business favourable. The presence of many hotels and restaurants with many cultures in them give a good opportunity for Lucy's business to thrive. Having a large market size, high demand for irish potatoes and tomatoes make the economic environment good for Lucy's business. Lucy's business is threatenned by the presence of many competitors,​ and few suppliers.\\ \\  Lucy has competitors. She says a good many of her competitors have bigger capitals, so have more stock to sell and consequently have more customers. She says she has joined a SACCO ( Savings And Credit Co-operative. She hopes to raise her capital for investment in this way. Lucy does not have a formal way of advertising her business. Her position in the market is strategic enough to bring her customers. Lucy, being a member of the executive of the market administration,​ says her pesent lovcation was her choice. She influenced the allocation committee so she got the place.\\ \\  The advancement of technology in the likes of computers, internet do not have much impact on Lucy's business. The cell phone instead is very vital in her transactions. Lucy says she does not go out to seek advice As for her profits, she says she uses them to pay fees. She puts some of it back to the business while a part goes to the SACCO.\\ \\  Lucy does not have employees. Her customers consist of restaurants owners, schools, local vendors and households within the municipality. These make the permanent customers. She says these customers prefer her to other traders because of their familiarity,​ and her good welcome to them. Lucy does not have any ethical concerns to deal with in her business.\\ \\  Lucy’s challenges are:​\\ ​
 +  * she deals in perishable goods
 +  * Fluctuation in rate of turnover. When schools are closed rate of turnover declines. There are also times when the local buyers have low demand.
 +Lucy tries very hard to challenge her challenges. She spreads the perishable items such that they are not more than two stakes high. She reduces her stock when sales go low. Lucy hope to keep her business alive. She plans to save some of her profits to buy dairy cattle; and intends to divert to Dairy Cattle keeping in future.
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