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 + ​+{{::​brenda_3.jpg?​nolink&​792}}\\ ​ Brenda Ageno - 37 owns Mic Pa Rwot which deals in shoes. She came into business in order to use the business skills she learnt from college to earn a living. Brenda chose this type of business because she has good links with some suppliers.\\ ​ She is a graduate who read B.Com.\\ ​ She has a wide range of experience in business.\\ ​ In her business she sells shoes --ladies shoes, men's shoes, open and closed shoes. She also sell boots-- leather boots and gum boots.\\ \\ {{::​brenda_2.jpg?​nolink&​792}}\\ \\  She has been in this business for ten years. She is a sole trader. She says she is a sole trader because she finds assessing progress in a sole trade is much easier than when two or more people run one business. She said she did not get anyone of her equivalent qualification to run the business with. She had some savings of hers but her parents also gave her a donation to open this business. She learnt the the background and skills to run this business from the University.\\ ​ Brenda keeps records of all transactions in the business. She records every sale made. She decides what shoes to buy by consulting her records.\\ ​ She has neatly written budget of all costs she has to pay in future.\\ ​ Brenda has competitors. She knows them very well, she knows where their strength and weaknesses lie.\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ {{::​15.jpg?​nolink&​800}}
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