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 +{{::​dscn18481.jpg?​nolink&​800}}\\ \\  Ayela James runs a small business in Gulu Main Market. He is 41 years old. He decided to go into business because it was the only way he could make for survival. He says he chose this type of business because his capital is low. He went up to senior one but could not continue because of financial constrains. When he left school he decided to get employed as a salesman of a businessman. From here he got some skills. He saved most of his earnings which gave rise to his opening his own. He is now five years in his own business.\\ \\  He is a sole proprietor. He chose this type of business on the grounds that it gives him freedom to do things the way way he feels correct without having ot discuss it over by a second party. He argues that he has no one to share profits with, avoids unnecessary wrangles that would crop up if he were joined with some other people in the business. He does not worry about his small capital but argues that his correctness in managing his business coupled with hard work will make his capital grow.\\ \\  James says that the social setting of his business is averagely good.He has some promising customers though their purchase of items is not regular. Being in the main market of this town, the economic environment is favourable. With relatively higher income, the town dwellers have the purchasing power and so are vialbe customers on whom he can depend.\\ \\  James has many competitors whom he knows. These competitors pose great threat to his business because they have larger capital, so have more and varied stock,are connected to permanent suppliers who sometimes give them goods on credit, have a wider customer base. To fight back these threats, James has to employ many tactics in order to survive. He treats his customers with all the goodness he can afford, makes sure sure he brings items exactly wanted by his customers. It is not easy for him to predict what will become of his business in the next five years.\\ \\  James does not have a formal way of advertising his business. With the exception of being in the open area in the market this business would not be noticed. He uses his phone to connect with customers and suppliers. The business, according to him does not require the use of a computer so he does not need one. His present location does not suit him at all. If he were to make his own choice he would have chosen to be in the openning in the compound of the market. He complains that coming to the main market made him lose the customers he once had when the market was at Kaunda grounds. He has not sought advice from anyone, but if the need will one time arise, he would go to his more experienced business friends.\\ \\  “ I have been keeping records, but of late when sales have really gone low I have stopped because there is nothing to write,” he said. He has not sat down to write a Business Plan. In this respect he does not have a well stated mission statement for running this business. His profits are not much so he ploughs most of it into the business. He also uses some of it to pay school dues of his children. He does not have employees at the moment and does not need any as yet.\\ \\  His customers comprise of students whose demands for school requirements go very high at the beginning of each school term. Schools also make part of his customers. They order for school socks snd stockings from him. Ladies who need ornaments ---- earnings, necklaces, bangles ect come to him for those items. Market vendors and people from the village all come for items from him. As stated before , James confirms that his good humour and good bargain with customers make them sometimes prefer him to others in the same business.\\ \\  James has challenges. The main ones are here below:​\\ ​
 +  * unfavourable location in the market.
 +  * Inadequate capital
 +  * domestic responsibilities
 +James is trying some ways out of this challenges:​\\ ​
 +  * is busy looking for some other place where he can get his sales on better footing.
 +  * Planning to get a loan in order to raise his capital
 +  * he is trying to be very selective in buying goods for sale.
 +He concludes by saying that with hard work and determination he will be on a strong footing. He is determined to have a business plan draft and put in place. He is also willing to get back to seriuos record keeping to give him the direction of his business.
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