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 +{{::​repair_bike.jpg?​nolink&​348}}{{::​repairing_motorbike.jpg?​nolink&​296}}\\ \\ \\  Odong Charles is very skillful in repairing bicycles and also motorcycles. He had a humble beginning of an apprentice after two years of secondary school education. H e left school at a tend3 age. When the war heightened in northern Uganda, Odong went to live with his mother in Gulu town . While in town he he learnt to ride a motor-cycle and later put a great effort to learn repairing motor-cycles and bicycles. He is 40 years old married to a wife and they have seven children. He named his business Cananywala meaning born poor. This name has become his name now. When people refer to him they do so by his business name.\\ \\  Hi business he does two things: firstly he renders services repairing bicycles and motor cycles. He also sell spares for these machines. He has been in this business for about 15 years now. He says he started this business when people were in great need of a mechanic in the camp and there were no such people within the camp community. Mr. Odong has settled at Pyela mot market near Lamogi Sub-county Headquarters. The place is strategic. He traps people in need of his service because of the two main roads leading to two district headquarters.\\ \\  Being fairly learned, Odong has a record book where he has details of his business transactions. He is able to calculate his profits easily. Most of his profits go to fees payment while some portion is saves. Being a serious peasant too, Odong'​s business runs symbiotically with his work in the garden. Each activity being able to support the other when the other is in need.\\ \\  Unfortunately this gentleman has not yet drafted a business plan. His plans are all in his head. Funny, he does not share his plans with his spouse either. He has some casual labourers who help him in this business. He hasn't taken employing some to help as a serious matter. Marketing the business is another thing he has not taken seriously. Adverts are just by word of mouth mostly by people who know him or by one who has had his service.\\ \\  Odong'​s main challenges are:​\\ ​
 +  * limited capital for investment.
 +  * poor demand for spares at certain times
 +  * competition from mechanics at the neighbouring trading centres
 +  * fluctuation in spares prices
 +  * taxation by the local administration.
 +In the last two years the man tried to increase his investment by getting a loan from Post Bank Uganda. He says this has had some positive impact on the business. He is able to buy spares that he used to consider too expensive for him. His rate of turn-up has gone up too because he is able to sell a variety of spares to people. He can comfortable sit in the sun from dawn to dawn hoping to get life out of it.\\ \\  His management style is that of a sole proprietor. According to him he thinks that in five years he will be having a bigger business where all repairs will be carried out in a building not in the hot sun. He also thinks that even later this small business should turn into a garage especially when his children have completed their studies.
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