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 +{{::​aceng_christine.jpg?​nolink&​144}}\\ **Aceng Christine** is a Ugandan by nationality and Acholi by tribe. She is 38 years old and is a widow. She was only able to complete primary education growing up and now is a peasant farmer in the rural area she calls home in Amuru District, northern Uganda. In 1996 the rebels abducted and killed her husband leaving her to care for 5 children alone.\\ \\  Christine knew that she wanted to be a catechist since childhood. Christine says that for her the best way to be of service to God was by training to become a catechist.\\ \\  Any outside help allowing her children to continue their education will help Christine to stay committed to becoming a trained catechist before returning home. School fees are as follows:\\ \\  Opiro Charles: **$500 per year**\\ ​ Okello Benedict: **$300 per year.**
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