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 +{{::​ayoo_rose.jpg?​nolink&​288}}\\ **Ayoo Rose** is a Ugandan by nationality and Acholi by tribe. She is 40 years old and is a widow. Rose lost both of her parents in 1996 and when not studying to become a catechist at the CTC, she is a peasant farmer. She was married in 1986 buyt lost her husband in 1998, leaving her with 6 children.\\ \\  She is struggling to raise them and pay for the children'​s school fees, especially during the war which forced her into a displacement camp and off of her land where she was able to farm for a living. Of the children she is trying to pay through school, their names are Oyella Judith and Amone Smauel, and Kakanyero Allan. Rose says that being a catechist was an early call ever since she was a young girl in the rural village. She had wanted to become either a catechist or a nun so that she could serve the people of God.\\ \\  Cost of paying school fees:​\\ ​ Oyello Judit: **$450 per year**\\ ​ Amone Samuel: **$300 per year**\\ ​ Kakanyero Allan: **$300 per year**\\ \\  If help can be provided, it will allow Rose to finish her studies as a catechist and serve her local Church while also seeing that her children'​s education is not neglected.
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