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 +**Catechist'​s Training Center**\\ ​ The Catechist'​s Training Center (also home to BOSCO'​s office in Gulu) trains rural community members in the teachings of the Church and then commissions them to go back to their home communities to serve in rural areas where their are not enough priests. Catechists share a wide range of duties in rural northern Uganda, including distributing Eucharist in the absense of a priest, preaching, holding prayer services in the absence of a priest, counseling rural members in aspects of faith, and providing religious education to rural communities and youth.\\ \\  the semester is 40 his semester almost 30 future catechists arrived at the CTC to train full time in the Archdiocese'​s two year program. The catechists sacrifice quite a lot of their normal live's to live and study full time for two years at the CTC in Gulu. Many, of course, come from long distances and leave family and children with relatives as they pursue a vocation in the Church and work towards a set of skills which can benefit their respective communities upon retut\\ \\  The challenges are many and because catechists forego their former livelihoods it is often difficult to meet demands such as paying for their children'​s school fees back home. Click on the following links below to read the stories of two catechists who are struggling to keep their children in school back home while they pursue catechetical training here at the CTC. For those that wish to help catechists meet these demands a fund can be setup with donations from those willing to support. Please contact [[mailto:​kpbailey3@gmail.comCatechist Aceng Christine]]
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