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 +**PABO SAVE THE ORPHANS ASSOCIATION CHILD MOTHERS PROGRAME.**\\ \\ **CHILD MOTHERS FOCUS GROUP DISCUSSION.**\\ ​ The association developed this program basically to address the need of the child mother in this group to fight poverty among them.\\ ​ Since the formation of this group there have been 30 members from different places of Pabo.\\ ​ Activities.\\ ​ The organization carried the following activities as to help the members to respond to their households needs.\\ ​ - Brick laying\\ ​ - Produce buying\\ ​ - Bees keeping\\ ​ - Loan.\\ ​ How are the members of the organization benefit from these activities?​\\ ​ - Building of the member capacity\\ ​ - Sharing of the profit income generated from their loaning programs.\\ ​ - Low rate revolving loan to members.\\ ​ - Sharing of the experiences with other organization.\\ ​ - Emergency respond to assist the members in problem.\\ ​ - Creation of good interpersonal communication among the members.\\ ​ - Increased agricultural productions that help to support the education of their children since some of them are staying away from their father.\\ \\  Testimony of the child mother.\\ ​ \\ **Amony Paska Stella is a 24 years old with a young baby**\\ ​ . {{::​untitled2.png?​nolink&​202}}\\ ​ She narrated her life story.\\ ​ I join this child mother group in year 2004. Life was so difficult, nothing I could do since the living condition in the camp was so much difficult.\\ \\  Whenever I hear about the meeting I go and attend, in this meeting always women are advise to be in group so that they can be assisted in future. Then I ask were will I be in the group? I ask myself and how can I get this group form?​\\ ​ Later I started asking my fellow women of same age range who also have the similar life problem. Then 2004 we met about 7 of us and agreed to open up this group but we agreed to call more people to come and join us, many who hear about us join we came to the total of 30 members.\\ ​ Then the leadership structure for the group agreed to be establish so that the management could be effective, I was elected to be the chairperson I told the members that I have nothing to provide but the members has a lot to be done for this organization,​ expressing that we are all to work hard so that we achieved what we desired to have.\\ \\  There was nothing to start with, I called the member how can we begin the work that we need to do? Since there is no if single money in our account? I therefore told the members that the only way is to begin brick laying there after we shall sale it and we shall have money to start what we want.\\ ​ Members all agreed we laid about 10000 brick and we sold it then we started the revolving loan among the among the members to carry out small business, in produce.\\ ​ This produce help me to raise money, I am now able to pay my son who is a deaf to the school of the deaf in Gulu. And the house hold need I ma able to meet some of the demand although there are challenges.\\ ​ The first training I attended under this organization was organized by Gulu District NGO forum, this help me a lot because even attending the training there are no any chance that I would be train. Since I joined this group I attended three training that help me to also share the training information with my organization members group.\\ ​ Despite the fact that our organization is carrying some of the activities that the member are benefiting from there also some challenge be faced.\\ ​ - Limited capital to support the members.\\ ​ - Lack of skills development training to support the members.\\ ​ - Lack of Support to increase the members strengthens and renounces.\\ \\  I therefore request the willing person to come and support us so that we are able to meet our household demand that we are faced with in order to take a full care of our children that we are having.\\ \\ **Pabo Save the orphans Association** engaged in making the young mother to form groups the need to build the capacity of the child mothers in order to be respond to handle their young children born.\\ \\  The member’s organizations are engaged in the following activities.\\ **Activities.**\\ ​ - Sensitization of the needy children\\ ​ - Agricultural production\\ ​ - Produce buying and selling.\\ ​ - Community sensitization\\ ​ -\\ \\  How does members benefit from the activities of the organization.\\ ​ - The capacity building of the organization.\\ ​ - Agricultural group empower work.\\ \\ **Akoko Sunday.**\\ {{::​untitled4.png?​nolink&​175}}\\ ​ A 22 years child mother tells her story as below.\\ \\  I one time was a orphans girls among the children registered under **Pabo Save the Orphans Association,​** when my parent died I was under care of my relatives.\\ ​ Life was not easy being young the feeling that if I get married the problem may reduce instead the problem increases.\\ \\  I got married at the early age of 15 years were I become pregnant after a short time.\\ ​ When I gave birth to my baby I started to recall how we had been given good information among the orphans about early marriage, as being a young parent is the danger life.\\ \\  After I felt that since i am a young mother I could not take the burden of my child to this relative of my to continue with burden of caring for me and the baby. All I and my husband depend majorly on the **WFP** support and because the field were we were to dig with my husband is too far from the main camp.\\ \\  I felt as to join the group such **Pabo Save the Orphans Association** that gives some of the good teaching in order to change the life, also the burden of the child I have how can I go back to such a group? I asked myself. I have been closely with the leaders of this group asking how can there reabsorb me back.\\ \\  The last moment I was told to get some young women of my calibrate so that we can come out how our problem can be address.\\ ​ The leaders formed us to this group; linked to **Pabo Save the Orphans Association** and we attend a local in house training.\\ ​ As I got some little money from the organization members to support my business I started traveling to Sudan to sale the produce, I am very much happy that this groups support help me to go out the country that is Sudan.\\ \\ {{::​untitled3.png?​nolink&​156}}\\ ​ Challenges faced.\\ \\  However there are the activities that support me due to the support of the member’s organization,​ the following are the challenges.\\ ​ - Lack of the capital to support the scheduled activity.\\ ​ - Lack of business skills in order to carry out the business successful.\\ ​ - Lack of capacity building to strength the organization to support it members.\\ \\ \\ **Recommendation.**\\ \\  In order to address the challenges I recommend that the following should be address.\\ ​ - Capacity building of the organization members.\\ ​ - Support the activity program.\\ ​ - Skills development training be organize for the organization members such as tailoring, business skills,
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