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 +Pagak camp is one of the camps that suffered the LRA attrocities more than any other camp in the Acholi sub-region. It was the most frequently attacked and the one in which restriction of movement of people was highest.But Pagak has its blessings too. It is among the only two camps in which child rights clubs have been formed in the new district of Amuru.** In this club, children are sensitized on their rights. Thanks to World Vision for this great initiative.\\ \\  The Child Rights Club of Pagak is most renowned for its many activities. The children have been going out to sensitize other children on their rights. They have gone as far as educating the elders including their own parents on the rights of the child. It's a wonderfull club.\\ \\  The children through their patron have used varrying methods of sensitization viz. drama, role play,talk show songs and various dances. This activities have not gone invain. There has been some impact . Child labour is getting a new way towards exit. Child battering is also making way for counselling.
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