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 +==   ==
 +==   ==
 +== Acire Christopher is 34 years old. He left school in 2007 when he was in senior four. After finding out that he could not go back to school because no one woul pay his school fees, Chris started helping his uncle who was a dealer in local produce. Now he is a dealer in local produce himself. ==
 +==   ==
 +== Christopher buys local produce from peasants just after harvest; stocks them and later sells the to boarding schools and individuals. In eight years of working in the same field, he has some good experience in the job.As already stated, Chris took to this business as a result of apprenticeship. He had no other business where he had skills enough to employ. He buys a variety of farm produce -- maize, sorghum, groundnuts rice etc. ==
 +==   ==
 +== At the moment he is stationed at Pyela Mot market in Lamogi sub county, Amuru district. His choice of this location is because it is not far from his home. To make things better for him, the market is at a road junction where one road leads to Nwoya district headquarters and the other to Amuru district headquarters. This place is also convenient because the land around is fertile therefore plentiful harvest is expected almost all thoughout the year. ==
 +==   ==
 +== Chris is not very skilled in record keeping.He writes down all his expenditures especially those on purchase of goods. He also computes his profit his sales with some fair ease. He claims that one of his worst subjects at school was Mathematics. So all in all he uses an informal way of accounting. Chris has a fine phone registered for mobile money. He also has a bank account with Post Bank Uganda. Christopher'​s business is rather peculiar: he sometimes offers credit to his buyers but he on the other hand can not get goods from sellers on credit however small. But even so he offers credits to schools not individuals. ==
 +==   ==
 +== Poor harvest from farmers is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing in that if he has some good stock in his store, he makes good money too.A curse when he has little or no stock in the store. Prices go up . Stocking the store becomes a real challenge. Same thing applies when the harvest is plentiful. Farm prices are good but also selling prices fall low making the business difficult to run. The only option is to buy and stock. Christopher also faces the challenge of competition,​ He started the business with only one rival but now three others are in the race with almost same or even higher income. All had been well with Chris until late last year when he was diagnosed with appendicitis. He has spent money on this and is going to spend more as he is going for an operation. ==
 +\\  Christoper has no employees. He works alone but is substituted by wife when there is a real need. Out of his four children none is yet old enough to help him in the business.
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