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 +**__INTRODUCTION OF PAGAK CHAPEL AND THE COMMUNITY__**\\ \\  Pagak was opened as a chapel since 1927. In 1993 a missionary priest by the name Fr.Santo volunteered to expand the chapel because it only had a very small structure. In 1996 this chapel was at least a secure place for the community within due to the civil war in the north and this place was turned into a camp with a population of about 14,000 people living within the smallest plot of the chapel.\\ \\  In 2004 the rebels entered this camp and massacred at least 120 people on the spot who were killed brutally, injuring very many more people and burning houses as many as they could because they had come in a very big number. This forced people who had remained in their homes to run and take refuge in this camp, because this killing took place at least 5kilometers from where the camp is. The rebels looted and abducted very many people.\\ ​ At the moment the government is trying to make sure people return to their homes, although people are still very worried about the Juba peace talk that it may not be very successful.\\ ​
 + ​{{::​farminginpagak?​nolink&​339}} ​
 +  - No farm tool has been given to the people.
 +  - No seeds have been given to the christians.
 +  - Due to the long war very many orphans have remained, some of whom can not even identify where their parents were born.
 +  - Unemployment:​ many young people could not afford education and some have resorted to drinking alcohol,​smoking banky, and some of the young people now behave like touts in the city because they lack what to do.
 +  - Due to the congestion in the camp, HIV/AIDS has rocked the community, and people are dying day and day.
 +\\  In general people are traumatized by this long war, leaving people with poverty and a lot of worries.Thank you very much for putting us on the wikispace, as all people out there will be in position to know what is happening here right at the grass root. We are very grateful for the service that you are providing to us and hope with our cooperation with the Bosco program we shall be in position to communicate and share a lot .\\ \\  okeny christopher\\ ​ pagak
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