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 + Aguce Christopher,​ 32 years, runs a barber shop in Lamogi sub-county. He has not given a name to this business.He left school after senior four. He has been in this business since October laser year. He says he saw other people on this business bur was not impressed by their performance . Yet, he adds there are many people in need of that service in the area. He is self taught in the trade. He uses the same location which he chose because of its convenience. There are many customers and near his home. He has made only one major investment that was in October last year. He keeps track or his costs and profits by writing all transactions on a daily basis.\\ \\  "Post Bank Uganda did a commendable job here," says Christopher. "They have helped us open our accounts without having to travel to Gulu town." So he has a bank account. He has no specific way of getting new customers bur uses word of mouth and sometimes customers stop and walk in."It is hard to give credit in this business. It is strictly cash after service,"​ he says.\\ \\  He has been doing well in this business without much difficulties untill last month when some robbers broke into the shop and made away with some valuable items. Crime and insecurity are becoming major concerns in the trading centre. The other problem is lack of customers at certain times of the year...... May, June and July.. H e complains of inadequate equipment in the shop. Having only one machine makes him lose customers. This season is when school children are returning to school or during festive times.\\ \\ {{https://​​images?​q=tbn:​ANd9GcQlD9IrwHtT4YeVKwVC-M_YYWu-8JVzm_uNqFgLLofglVT-qV7V|external image images?​q=tbn:​ANd9GcQlD9IrwHtT4YeVKwVC-M_YYWu-8JVzm_uNqFgLLofglVT-qV7V}}\\ \\  He says he is running the business because he has no other business to do. He is not employed because he does not have qualification for any. For this, he finds it good to take advantage of of this business opportunity which does nor require so much academic learning and a large capital to start. He is married and has 4 children. As the custom dictates, he is the head of the family. He surely has to have the last word in matters of finance in his home.\\ \\  "It is not safe these days to trust people especially your rivals.'​ says Christopher. "Petty crimes have been common here but now hey are progressing into big ones. Our assets are not and will not be safe unless something is done." All in all he says the area around his business is nor safe.\\ \\  The community around are co-operative when faced wire issues that affect them. They donate money if the need in money They also solicit government intervention when needed like in providing security. Sometimes the community comes together to do manual work like when it involves health and or sanitation. He participates resisting community problems by attending community meetings, making his submissions,​ contributing money when needed, participates in manual community work. \\ \\  Hr has an employee. His employee is self paid i.e the guy works all day but in a week he remits shs 50.000/- to his boss while he keeps whatever balance he has earned. If he works hard a big balance remains with him. Christopher does not ask his employee how much balance he has as long as he (Christopher ) has got his share.He says he hired this man because he had known him long before as a good barber.\\ \\  He had another business before. He owned that business for 5 years. That was the only business he had had before.\\ ​ This businrss does nor require time to time supplies as other businesses do.
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