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 +{{::​cinderella.jpg?​nolink&​1023}}\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\  Akello Lucy 26 owns Cinderella Saloon (0772579004). Lucy is a professional in hair dressing. She came into business because she wanted to take advantage of the business opportunity that she saw in Gulu town. She could not go for another business other than for that she has trained. Her highest grade in school was primary seven. She went ahead and learned hair dressing for which she is now a professional. Her training and six years as a practising hair-dresser has given her some commendable expertise. In the saloon, she does hair using a variety of weaves. She also treats hairs with chemical in many hair styles. Lucy is a sole proprietor. She says the she chose to be sole is because this is a new business whereupon she would want to monitor its progress without any external influence.\\ ​ Lucy said she learned how to run this type of business at school. After completing her course, she was employed by someone in town. She earned enough money to make her open her own business. Lucy sayid she keeps good records of all her transactions. For every person served in her saloon she make proper records of the input and what she gets from that one person. Lucy says she careful; she decides on what chemical or weave to purchase by looking at her records. For this she always has a written budget of the costs she expects to pay for the business in future. She is not very fine yet in formal accounting practices but she tries her best to make things as formal as possible.\\ ​ Lucy is aware of her competitors. She knows that some have been quite long in this business. She is also aware of the bigger capital some of them have. She is not unaware of the expertise of some. But still she says she able to keep on in the race. Lucy has some form of marketing her business that is by having a signpost. She says she does not keep her mouth shut either. She makes her business known to other people by word of mouth... eve n to passers-by she says she does not keep quiet. Her location was her choice. It is easily accessible even to first timers in Gulu Main Market. The place is also safe from rain, sunshine, strong winds and theft/ robbery. Lucy says she has not yet become so stuck in deciding on some business ideas that she wanted advice fro outside. If she will need it in future she wil go to her best business friends.\\ ​ Lucy uses her profits for: paying rent, paying taxes like electricity bills and other dues demanded by the Municipal Council Authorities. She also uses some to buy more materials need for the saloon. She regret not having the business plan up to now. She does not have a stated mission statement either. She has three employees. These girls are family members and one is a friend. She pays them for every hair done by each. Lucy gets her supplies from hawkers who come from Kampala. These hawkers bring all the chemicals and all types of weaves she needs for her work. They sometimes give her the products on credit and she pays later. This hawkers she says has saved her a lot from travel expenditure that she would have had to make to Kampala. Lucy says that market vendors make the bulk of her customers. She has other customers who come from outside the market. Her former schoolmates,​ civil servants all come to do their hair in this saloon. Those who already know of their expertise will not move elsewhere. There are some to whom she can offer her service on credit, but in this case she will have to negotiate very well with the employee doing the work.\\ ​ Lucy says she facing multiple challenges namely:​\\ ​
 +  * • she can not buy enough supplies
 +  * • sometimes she does not get enough customers
 +  * • there is too much competition
 +  * • there are “bad month”
 +Lucy says she very stuck as to how to increase her capital in order to be able to get enough supplies. She is afraid of going for a loan. She is trying to get more customers by circulating to her friends and former school mates her phone contacts. She has also decided to have employees so that no work is left overnight. She has to practise very good customer care. Her employees know that if they misbehave on any customer they too will have the consequence;​ so they too try their best to do their best.\\ ​ Lucy is optimistic that her business will grow you as she still is.
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