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 +{{::​pict0014.jpg?​nolink&​587}}\\ ​ The Ebola epidermic affected the cultural burial practice and the respected given to the dead in accordance to the tradition of the Acholi people. In less period the grave is dsetroyed because the fear of the spread of the disease led to poor burial practice.\\ \\ {{::​pict0007.jpg?​nolink&​690}}\\ **EBOLA BURIAL GROUND ABOVE PHOTO**\\ ​ The long civil conlict between the LRA and the government of Uganda it has affected the community heath so much. The above phot showing the burial ground for the Ebola death that ocuured in northern uganda in 2000. This deadly epidermic has claimed alot of the lives of the community.\\ ​ The impact of the Ebola to date is as that of the war in northern uganda.\\ ​ There are numvbers of the orphans as well the community health has been mostly affected.\\ ​ The above information brought to you\\ **By Omony John Bosco**
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