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 +{{::​photo3292.jpg?​nolink&​720}}\\ ​ Berocan Brenda is 27 years old. She sells shoes in her shop Corner Classic Shoes located on Acholi Road in Gulu Municipality. She said she came into business because she has no other employment. Brenda is a senior six leaver.She has got some good experience in this business having been in it for five years now. She sells used shoes for men women and children. Brenda is a sole trader. When I discussed with her the advantages of sole proprietorship she mentioned the these: that it is simple to form, that ownership is solely hers and that she doesn'​t share her profits with anyone Brenda told me that she left school at the age of 20.She immediately went to work in somebody'​s shop. She save most of her earning because she was still living with her parents. After two tears she opened her own business. She acquired the background and skills to run this business as she worked for someone.\\ \\  Brenda is good at record keeping. She has written records of all transactions made in the business. Brenda said, " I decide what goods to buy by consulting my records. I consult records to see which items sell fast, which ones make the greatest profits of which ones have highest rate of turn-over with maximum profits."​ She says she always has a written budget. All in all Brenda has formal accounting practice in her business. Brenda has competitors. These competitors are not however near her. Several of them are in Gulu Main Market. She says she aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately she does not do much advertisement apart from using her mouth. It is good she has been in the same place for five years so many people now know her place well. Brenda is comfortable with her location. It is has very few cases of crime like robbery and theft. It is also good because it is on a busy road. Brenda sis,"​When I need advice I go to my mentors. I trust them. It was they that encouraged me to begin a business."​ Brenda saves most of her profits. She uses some of it to pay for rent and taxes. Part of it also goes for domestic use. She doesn'​t have employees.\\ \\  "My suppliers are in Kampala, said Brenda."​ I don't have fixed suppliers. When I go to Port Bell in Kampala I get suppliers from there."​ She said there are no suppliers of the items she sells in Gulu. Her frequency in Kampala depends on how fast her products are bought. She however says she goes to Kampala at least once every month. Brenda bring her goods back to Gulu using public means or hired vehicles. She has got friends in Kampala who tell her the best people to buy from. Since she does not have fixed suppliers, she does not get goods on credit from any one of them. Brenda says her customers are ordinary people who live in and around Gulu. Brenda does not confirm whether her customers select her over her competitors but confirmed that many people come to bur from her. She said she gives credits to some of her customers as long as they are regular ones.\\ \\  Brenda talks of her challenges as being;​\\ ​
 +  * insufficient capital
 +  * poor sales
 +  * high taxation especially on property tax.
 +  * domestic needs
 +Brenda is processing a bank loan to address the issue of insufficient capital. Through her savings she on the verge constructing her own premises.This will reduce on rent.
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