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 +====== **Handmade Furniture Workshop at the CTC--Dennis and Francis** ====== 
 + ​Dennis and Francis, two maintenance workers for Fr. Joe at the CTC, have been operating a handmade furniture workshop in the back of the CTC guesthouse. After their official maintenance duties for the CTC end at 5 pm, you will find Dennis and Francis working until the daylight disappears in their workshop. They only have time to work on furniture making for about 2 hours a day, but after{{::​img_1418.jpg?​nolink&​379}} selling their furniture, they are usually able to take home about 20,000 Ush (about USD 12 dollars) apiece per week in added income, which in Uganda provides some extra income security.\\ \\  Stay tuned to this page for more from Dennis and Francis as we work with them to use the internet to market their handmade furniture products.
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