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 + ​CREATING AWARENESS TO THE COMMUNITY ON BOSCO-UGANDA,​ A PAGE OPERATED AT CATECHIST TRAINING CENTRE.\\ ​ Dear readers, I am going to inspire you with what Bosco-Uganda is running on this page,these are related to people'​s social life connected to peace which is the main instrument of life in this world. You know everywhere you portray your existence there ought to be a sense of peace presented in the environment and amongst the people you confront. So the above mentioned stuff [Bosco-Uganda] is also after peace of which it's staff should adopt if in any case they are not pregnant with, practice it, spread it to chaotic areas and people and above all, make it to be part of them. And more so, some truth about this page is that it has fed a great numbers of people with the modern Information Technology and I'm very happy to say that I for one have benefited from it and now it's quite easy for me to do a lot of things on the computer. Searching for contributions from other fellows and replying the contributions and doing all the other necessary things\\ {{::​images.jpeg?​nolink&​259}}
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