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 +//GOOD LIFE AT CTC//​\\ ​ I came into good opportunity through invitation from kind and responsible God's servant commonly known as Rev Father Jose Okumu . He met a friend of mine and invited us to come for computer training at this nice center. We became introduced to computers accesses and we really feel that we are together with the rest of the world as far as computer use is concerned.\\ ​ I really feel the true love some God's servants have for their nee dies. I reality, there is nothing tangible accept prayer for them to continue performing their good. It' only the Almighty who know how to award them. I did not had a chance to to touch or see a computer. Am so so happy for this wonderful opportunity as they say it knocks once.\\ ​ Further more, the people assisting me in the training give warmly welcome and know and all problem handling of an illiterate computer learners especially like me.\\  In deed am happy and it's my advice that if you have any access, use it properly.
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