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 +**{{::​bwola_dance.jpg?​nolink&​373}}\\ ​ Yub Pa Lacwec Youth Group - Music, Dance, and Drama Equipment Proposal** (as written by Yub Pa Lacwec youth leaders, translated from Acholi)\\ \\  Dear Donors: Yub Pa Lacwec has written a proposal attached seeking financial support and funding from any person, groups, or organisations.\\ \\ **Proposal Executive List**\\ ​ Chairperson Oyet Dennis\\ ​ General Secretary Uhuru Daniel Comboni\\ ​ Treasurer Laker Christine\\ ​ Patron Fr Richard Akkena\\ \\ **Proposal Background to the Problem**\\ ​ As a result of the intesive war in northern Uganda, many children have been abducted and some are displaced from their home. Some parents died as a result of the war though others because of HIV/AIDS epedemics in the region, leaving these children helpless and homeless. The need for community was evident and Fr Richard Akkena of Lacor Parish helped these youth from his parish find community through mutual support, fellowship, and cultural music, dance, and drama activities.\\ \\ **Proposal Statement of the Problem**\\ ​ Because of the war and becasue many children are orphans, many youth were left needed psychological support after trauma had been experienced during the war. One method of addressing this trauma is through cultural dance and music activities which support teamwork, group fellowship, and also help with the healing process. Furthermore,​ these group activities help Acholi youth recover lost cultural practices and traditions that were unable to be learned or passed down during times of war.\\ \\ **The Proposal Mission**\\ ​ Former abductees and orphan children will forget about their problems and trauma and begin to heal together while learning and teaching the Acholi dance and music traditions. To undertake this mission, equipment is needed to help the group with their musical and drama performances. The group is requesting local, Acholi musical instruments,​ and dance costumes (animal skins) in accordance with traditional Acholi custom.\\ \\ **The Proposal Objective**\\ ​ To perform music, dance, and drama for the Lacor parish community once every week, on Saturdays. This will encourage other youth who have similar backgrounds but are afraid of stigmatization to come forward and join the group so that they can begin the healing process and reconciliation after being in the bush. Most of the youth group members were captured by the rebels and taken to the bush for many days, months or even years.\\ \\ **Proposal Activities**\\ ​ Bwola Dances (traditional Acholi music and accompanying dance): Requires animal skin costumes, local drums, and local harps.\\ ​ Dramatizations:​ Requires local musical instruments and is acted out by group members to sensitize group members to relevant topics like sanitation, farming techniques, gender relations, and HIV/AIDS prevention.\\ ​ Teaching traditional music to younger members: near-extinct cultural traditions are preserved by using musical instruments to teach younger generations Acholi musical traditions.\\ \\ **Proposal Cost and Budget**\\ ​ Musical Instruments:​ Local Harp and Local Drums = USD $50\\  Traditional Animal Skin Dance Costumes = USD $50\\ __Total Cost__ = USD $100 **CURRENT STATUS: //​FUNDED!//​**\\ {{::​bwola_2.jpg?​nolink&​358}}\\ \\  Money can be administered through BOSCO-Uganda by contacting Kevin Bailey at [[mailto:​|]]
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