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 +\\  I am OMIRAMBE DENIS,Born on 26thoctober1994.A born fide citizen of Uganda,i completed my ordinary level in pakadha seed secondary school(Zombo District) in 2010.the year 2011 I was to start my advances level due to the financial zips or problems. My discipline and behavior is very high.\\ ​ In Africa,​there are few exotic breeds of cattle. Mostly are local breeds or indigenous breeds of cattle. There are varies type of cattle kept in Uganda for example Ankole cattle,zebu breeds of cattle etc.\\ \\ \\  Many people think it is the size of land that determines how successful a farmer will be. Acres of land have turned out to be more than enough for projects.\\ \\  Although Acres may seem big to some,there are people with even much bigger plots of land , who have never bothered to put them to any commercial use and makes a big income from investment .\\ \\  Challenges ; because the farm is not fenced off , it attracts thieves and wild animals .Its very costly to fence off all the land . It takes a lot of time to use animal droppings and urine as manure has to be processed in a compost pit .\\ \\  Achievement ; while most farmers look at financial earnings as the biggest achievement . He or she should consider many friends ,he or she has to make because of this as biggest achievement .\\ \\  People of Uganda just dump a lot of money into farming without first finding out whether what they are doing is sustainable . In the end abandon the farming projects .\\ \\ \\  How to tell when your animal aren't well ; a normal animal should be able to maintain the right body shape , normal hair coat and texture . So when the animal becomes dirty and hair gets ruffled , know that something wrong .\\ \\  A normal animal should have a good appetite for feeds or water , The very first sign of danger for any animal is loss of appetite or refusal to eat even when evidently hungry .\\ \\  Normal animal have sexual desires most of the time or at given periods . When an animal shows no sign of sexual desires , know that something is wrong . With time ,to tell that the animal is on heat ( which is very important ) by simply observing its behavior changes .\\ \\  Animal should be alert and to respond to sound or noise at the earliest moment. If it sound from a fellow animal sound,it may react with same sound. If it is another sound,it will react by moving its ears and trying to locate the source of the sound . In case of chicken,​like layers,​heavy sound will even stop them from regularly laying eggs,until the sound has been dealt with. \\ \\  Thanks,\\ \\  By. OMIRAMBE DENIS MONDAY.
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