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 +{{::​desmond.jpg?​nolink&​800}}\\ \\  Okeny Adee 34 is a trader at Lacor. He owns this business. He came into business when he got a serious accident and could not do any other thing for a livelihood. He is a primary seven school leaver\\ ​ He says his experience in business is wide but he has learned to respect his customers so much. He knows the what goods to buy and when. He says he also well versed in pricing according to the season.\\ ​ He deals in a lot of assortment of goods..... food items like sugar biscuits salt etc. Soap matches, pens etc.\\ ​ He has been in business for 12 years.\\ ​ He is a sole proprietor. He says he prefers to be his own master. He likes making his own decisions without interference.\\ ​ He got started from his own savings and also from the compensation he was given as per his accident.\\ ​ He is self taught.\\ ​ He does not keep up-to-date records because he he is not trained in it.\\  Okeny knows his competitors. But they are not near him.\\ ​ Being very close to the main road makes his business known. He also makes contacts with his customers on phone.\\ ​ He chose this location. It is almost half a kilometer from the main trading center. This gives him some advantage. The place is free from crime. It is near the Chinese camp which is guarded.\\ ​ He uses his profits to:\\  buy new stock, pay government dues, and saves some.\\ ​ He does not have a written Business Plan or a Mission Statement\\ ​ He does not have employees. He is helped by his wife and nephew ( nephew in picture).\\ ​ Okeny;s suppliers are wholesalers in Gulu town. He get information of the best people to buy from through his business friends in town.\\ ​ His customers are the locals within the area.\\ ​ He sometimes gives credits to his customers but this is limited to just a few.\\ ​ Okeny'​s challenges are:​\\ ​
 +  * lack of customers during some months
 +  * being far away from the local market
 +  * home responsibility.
 +He has two businesses and he is trying to borrow money from the other business to support this one.
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