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 +{{::​photo3300.jpg?​nolink&​800}}\\ \\  DEYO LAMUR is a house of electronics owned by Ojok Balinda. He is 31 years of age. He is in business he is taking advantage of some business opportunity in Gulu town.He is in this type of business because he once studied electronics. His highest level of education is Diploma in electronics. In this business Balinda sells electronic gadgets like fans, speakers, music systems and the like. Balinda has been in this business for seven years. He is a sole businessman. He said he like running this type of business because he is his own master, it is simple to organize and manage the business and that profits all his alone. Balinda partly inherited the business from his father and partly his savings\\ \\  Balinda is very good at record keeping. He keeps records for purchases and sales. He has very good inventory of his assets. He said he writes everything he wants to buy. And that he chooses what to buy after having consulted his record of sales. Balinda has formal accounting practice. Balinda said he did radio advertisement when he had just opened the shop. This time people come because of the previous advert. Some of the customers bring their friends. Balinda has no problem with his present location. He said he is on a busy street---- market street. The place, according to him is safe from burglary being near two banks that are heavily guarded. Balinda says the first thing he does with his profit is to see ho much he can bank. Afterwards he can plan what to do with the remainder. Usually he pays rent and taxes the looks at domestic needs.\\ \\  Balinda says he goes back to his father hen in need of advice. He has a Business Plan and a Mission Statement. He does not have employees. Some of Balinda'​s suppliers are in Kampala. Others are in Mbale. Balinda said he has some connections in Nairobi - Kenya and that he gets some items from there. He does not have wholesalers for electronics in Gulu. He brings back his products by public means. He does not get goods on credit from his suppliers. He said he can not describe his customers ell because hey come from various parts of northern Uganda and even South Sudan.In this case he does not give credits to his customers.\\ \\  Balinda'​s challenges are:​\\ ​
 +  * transport cost is not friendly
 +  * low sales most parts of the year
 +  * high rental charges and taxation
 +Balinda thinks he will buy a vehicle for himself in the near future.
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