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 + Do you have enough learning materials? by Aciro Lillian, 14yrs\\ \\  Hi, my name is Josh Thomas. Yes, i do have enough learning materials for school. Some of the materials that I have include pencils, pens, notebooks, text books, folders, a [[http://​​images/​IBM%20Thinkpad%20X41%20Notebook.jpgcalculator]]. Those are just some of the materials that I use for school, which I almost always have plenty of. I am fortunate enough that I live near many places that carry all of those materials, and I am only a quick 5 minute car drive away from many of these places, so if I ever do run out, I can quickly go out and buy some more (except for the laptop and calculator which can be very expensive).\\ \\  Do you always have enough materials for school?
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