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 + What subject do you like most in your class? By Anena Scovia Amos\\ \\  Hello,\\ \\  My name is Patrick Ridenour, and my favorite subject is History. However, in our school, we only study history up to 10th grade. And being in the 11th grade, my favorite class was discontinued. Returning to History, I like the class because it allows us to better understand the present and predict the future. A saying that often comes up is "​History repeats itself"​. Armed with this knowledge of our ancestors and their failures, we can avoid the mistakes that they made. For example, the Great Chicago fire, a large section of the city was burned to the ground due to the fact that most of the houses were wood. After this happened, regulations were put in place preventing wooden houses from being built. Therefore, we will hopefully be able to avoid another Chicago fire.
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